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🌟 Helping Your Kindergarten Age Stepchild Adjust to School Life! Tips From a Stepmom

As a stepparent, I know firsthand the excitement and challenges that come with sending your little one off to kindergarten. It feels like just yesterday when Aliviah was entering kindergarten herself! 📚💕

One lesson I learned during those early school days was the power of consistency in routine. Establishing a structured daily routine at home helped Aliviah feel more secure and confident as she embarked on her school journey. ✨

🌈 Here are a few tips for all you parents out there who are currently navigating the wonderful world of kindergarten:

Kids love and thrive on transparency. Be open and honest with them on what to expect on how they may feel. As a stepparent you might not be the one bringing them to school but having a talk with them with your spouse on all of the exciting things they will learn and do on their first day will make them feel less nervous.

If your stepchild is going to their first day from your home I suggest writing a list of to dos for your child to check off the morning of. This will seem fun to them and will give them a positive experience the morning of their first day.

Dropping off or taking the bus on the first day may seem overwhelming for them and all parents involved. Try to stay focused on this being about the child and less focus on what the other side is doing and how they are acting.

Depending on your custody arrangement your stepchild might be leaving or going home to your house.

Back when my stepdaughter was in kindergarten we had her 50% of the time.

We made a routine of what she does at our home. Yes our routine was very different from her other home but because we were consistent, our school mornings and pickups were seamless. I think since she knew our routine so well on the days we picked her up from school to come back to our house she was a little extra excited.

Now, clothing can be tricky if the parent exchange is happening at pick up from school. I suggest packing a bag of clothing to send back in their backpack.

Your stepchild may start expressing different emotions about school. Listen to them and validate their emotions.

Children want to be heard and understood. Which isn't always easy when you are trying to juggle so much in one day.

Reassurance is key. Children look up to the adults in their life for reassurance that everything is going to be okay and that it's okay to be nervous and sad sometimes.

Promoting independence at home will not only make daily life easy but most importantly it will help your stepchild thrive at school!

Start asking them what do they want to wear and what type of snack they want to pack.

Have them help you pack their school bag. Allowing them to help will make them feel excited and important.

I think as a stepparent saying goodby before the parent exchange is difficult, so saying goodbye when they are going off to school is no different.

Keep the goodbye short and sweet but be consistent on how you say goodbye.

Consitency is crucial for children to thrive! Our kids need it even more theses days. whether your custody situation is 30\70, 20\80, 50\50 or 100% our children need to know what to expect at home and from the adults in their ever changing world.

I hope this blog helped another step-mama out there become more confident and feel more worthy as their role as a stepparent. You are important and your stepchild or children are so special to have you in their life.

For more in-depth ideas and help on how to become a more positive, happier and confident stepmom feel free to reach out to me directly at

I am making it my life purpose to serve stepmoms from all backgrounds and situations. -Jessica Phifer-Patterson

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